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Garfagnana is a region in the province of Lucca, between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It borders with the area of Lunigiana and is crossed by the River Serchio. It is an area filled with woodland and the main town is Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Garfagnana offers a wide variety of landscapes, starting from the impervious, unspoilt mountains and going on to the gently rolling hills in its more southerly part.

Garfagnana borders with the area known as the Middle Serchio Valley (usually called Mediavalle), an area within the province of Lucca, extending from the city of Lucca and Garfagnana, along the bed of the River Serchio. The chief town is Barga, the adopted home of poet Giovanni Pascoli. The other municipalities are Coreglia Antelminelli, Bagni di Lucca, a famous and popular spa area, and Borgo a Mozzano.

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Surrounding area:

Pania della Croce e Pania Secca >>
with the possibility to go on excursions or hikes, 15 minutes away by car – Rossi refuge

Grotta del Vento (Wind cave) >>
itineraries available

Bagni di Lucca (terme)
Places of interest: Villa Ada, Municipal Casino, Villa Fiori, Ponte delle Catene (suspension bridge), Villa Webb, Teatro Accademico, Palazzo del Circolo dei Forestieri, Villa Granducale or villa Maurigi.

Coreglia Antelminelli
Places of interest: Church of San Martino, Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo, Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Museum of plaster figurines.

Castelvecchio Pascoli
An area in the municipality of Barga, where Giovanni Pascoli purchased the house “Cardosi-Carrara” where he spent a long period, dedicating himself to his poetry and to his studies of classical literature (famous and still on show are the poet’s three desks for working in the three languages, Italian, Latin and Greek).

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