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The following general conditions are an integral part of the agreement between you and La Pozza.

Conclusion of the agreement and payment conditions
You may make your booking on line by connecting to the site www.casavacanzalapozza.it and click on “booking request”. Within 24 hours, you will receive confirmation concerning availability of the holiday home for the required period. Once you have received the email stating the availability of the accommodation, a deposit of 30% is requested. For the balance, you will be contacted about 30 days before your arrival.

If you are booking less than 30 days from the start of your stay, you must pay the whole amount of the booking.

All instructions concerning payment will be listed in the email stating availability of the holiday apartment at Casa Vacanze La Pozza.

Utilities and Prices
The prices listed are for one week, according to the period stated in the price column. The minimum stay is 7 days, with arrival and departure on the Saturday or with arrival and departure on the Sunday.

La Pozza cannot be held responsible for any problems concerning the supply of utilities such as gas, water or electricity. The same applies for inclement weather conditions.

Rates are subject to change.

Departure and arrival; shorter or longer stays
Guests are required to arrive between 2.00 pm and 10.00 pm on the Saturday or on the Sunday and to depart by 10.00 am on the following Saturday or Sunday. If it is not possible to arrive at these times, please contact the management at the number supplied in the email confirming your booking to set a new time, which will be at the management’s discretion.

No refund is due in the event that you cannot occupy your apartment from the date booked on account of difficulties during travel, strikes or for personal reasons. This also applies in cases of early departure.

To extend your stay, it is sufficient to contact La Pozza within a reasonable amount of time.

Cancellation by the guest
If you need to cancel your holiday, you can change it to a period costing the same amount (subject to availability). In any case, NO refund is due in the event of cancellation by guests..

Cancellation by La Pozza
In the event of force majeure (war, natural disasters, fire in the apartment booked, sale of the accommodation by the owner) Casa Vacanze La Pozza may cancel your stay, refunding the amount paid.

Guests’ obligations
When you are given the keys, may be required a deposit of € 150.00 in cash. If this sum is not paid, the management is within its rights to refuse to hand over the keys.
Only the number of people mentioned in the agreement may occupy the apartment. The management reserves the right to refuse to admit any other people.
Guests undertake to occupy the accommodation in full respect of the rules governing good conduct.
Guests must clean their own tableware and kitchen equipment since this is not included in the final cleaning.

Guests will receive their deposit the moment of departure provided that there has been no damage to the apartment.

During your stay, it is your responsibility to make sure that children do not play or swim in the pool without adult supervision; this responsibility applies throughout the period of your stay at La Pozza.

Complaints and requests for refunds
If, on your arrival or during your stay, you should find any differences with your booking, please contact La Pozza at one of the contact numbers listed on our web site.

Responsibilities of La Pozza
La Pozza cannot accept responsibility in the following cases:
a) negligence or lack of services that can be attributed to other parties
b) in cases of force majeure or of an event that neither La Pozza nor its representatives are able to foresee in spite of their due diligence
c) theft in the apartments

N.B. The person renting the apartment is responsible for the behaviour of the guests accompanying him/her

Competent court
Any disputes arising from this agreement will be regulated exclusively by Lucca Court.

Obligatory notice in compliance with Art. 16 of Law 269/98 –crimes linked to prostitution and child pornography are punishable by prison sentence, even if such crimes are committed outside the country.