Garfagnana: what to see. The 10 must-see places

Garfagnana what to see

Garfagnana is a territory that waits only to be discovered. Here you will breathe an atmosphere projected towards the future, with a real attention to tourism, but with the spirit still linked to the past, thanks to its traditions and the desire of the inhabitants to carry them forward with passion.

If you choose to spend your holidays at Casa Vacanze La Pozza you cannot miss a Garfagnana tour: what to see? Below we list the main destinations.

Garfagnana and things to see during your holiday

In Garfagnana you will not find cities, but little villages dating back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. One of the main centers is Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Here you can visit the Ariostesca Fortress, which owes its name to Ludovico Ariosto, who was for many years governor of the area.

Entering the heart of the Garfagnana, opens an endless possibility of things to see and experiences to devote. Follow us on this journey.

1.      The Orecchiella Park

The Orecchiella Park is a real paradise. You will immerse yourself in the most unspoilt nature. Trails in the woods, wild animals and a beautiful small botanical garden full of flowers. In the Orecchiella Park you will find an area equipped with a bar and restaurant and a natural history museum that tells about the fauna and flora present in the park.

2.      Fortress of Mont’Alfonso

Continuing on our Garfagnana tour, we recommend you see the Fortress of Mont’Alfonso, a fortified military structure dating back to the sixteenth century. It served as a defensive garrison on the border of the Duchy of Ferrara (of which the Garfagnana was part) with the Duchy of Lucca. Today it is home to numerous events and concerts, especially during the summer.

3.      Castiglione di Garfagnana

Near Castelnuovo there are many picturesque places where you can continue the discovery of the territory. A ten-minute drive we can find Castiglione di Garfagnana, characterized by a city wall and a fortress dating from the Roman domination. A beautiful village where to enjoy a romantic walk.

4.      Isola Santa

The village of Isola Santa is perhaps one of the most evocative of the whole Garfagnana. It rises on the banks of a small artificial basin. Along the path that leads to the lake, it seems to go back in time.

5.      Gramolazzo

The lake of Gramolazzo is the largest of the Garfagnana and is bathing. It is equipped with a lovely artificial beach and a small pier from which you can go around the lake by boat. Gramolazzo is an extraordinary destination for an afternoon of relaxation, especially for those with small children.

6.      Verrucole Fortress

The Verrucole Fortress is located in San Romano  di Garfagnana, a small medieval village. The structure stands out imposing, and is home to the Archeopark, a real living museum.

7.      Vagli Lake

Under the waters of Vagli Lake are hidden the remains of the old town, which was submerged following the construction of the dam and the formation of the artificial basin.

8.      Grotta del Vento

The Grotta del Vento is a complex system of caves and inlets dug into the rock, over the millennia, by the infiltration of water. Among the routes of different difficulty, you can admire stalactites and stalagmites, caves, streams and alabaster formations. It seems to be in a great natural temple.

9.      Hermitage of Calomini

Among the things to see in Garfagnana, just near Casa Vacanza La Pozza there is the Hermitage of Calomini. It is a structure almost entirely carved into the rock, from which you can admire a splendid view over the valley.

10.  Monte Forato

Legend has it that Monte Forato originated after the clash between San Pellegrino and the Devil. It is a rock arch that joins two peaks, drawing a hole in the mountain. Very suggestive the double sunset observable when the sun disappears behind the arch, and then it reappears in the hole.

All these wonders and much more await you near Casa Vacanze La Pozza during your holiday in Garfagnana.

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