Why a holiday apartment with pool in Tuscany

Holiday Apartment with Pool in Tuscany

Tuscany. We are already talking about a region with irresistible charm. Your stay will be something unforgettable, much more relaxing and fun, with the right organization. Get your best choosing a holiday apartment with pool in Tuscany. It’ll be even better if you prefer as a destination the province of Lucca and, in particular, the Garfagnana.

Do you know this land? Every corner is a little paradise to be discovered, between traditions, nature, legends and the legacy of a rustic life, genuine, which continues here timeless.

The advantages of a holiday apartment with pool in Tuscany

Tuscany is a fantastic region. Our holiday estate is located in Garfagnana, a charming and green area in the province of Lucca. The magic is that we can reach both the sea and the ski slopes in nearly an hour, by car.

But that’s not all. You can also find beautiful historical cities to visit and walks in the hills to discover the tasty local food and wine. Don’t you have enough? Live the enjoyment of nightlife in the clubs of Versilia. And then open-air museums and archaeological sites, spas and playgrounds and adventure parks.

Among all this fun, being able to relax for a few hours in your holiday apartment with pool will make you enjoy your stay in Tuscany more and more. The secret ingredient is its ability to regenerate even the most tired travelers and people who seek energy after a year of hard work. This makes the Garfagnana one of the most popular destinations for holidays.

Holidays in Tuscany at Casa Vacanza La Pozza

Booking at Casa Vacanza La Pozza, in the heart of the greenest part of Tuscany, allows you to experience everything we have described above, including the convenience of a holiday apartment with swimming pool. The climate is mild and pleasant in this part of the Garfagnana. Summer is long and a relaxing bath is possible from late spring to late autumn (especially for the more daring people).

The pool is located in a strategic position, with a breathtaking view of the valley below. It is surrounded by meadows adorned with beautiful and fragrant wild flowers throughout the summer season. A corner that appeals to young and old. Children will have fun in total safety. The place to play certainly does not miss! Adults, on the other hand, can take advantage of the sun to improve their tan, reading a good book or having a chat with friends.

The apartment is just a stone’s throw away, with its cozy atmosphere that will remain impressed in your heart.

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