Tourism in Garfagnana

Talking of tourism in Garfagnana makes us think of a the perfect holiday for the whole family, and more too. Whether its a group of friends, parents with small children or young couples searching for a romantic weekend, Garfagnana has everything to make your stay just perfect and memorable.
Tourists who choose this small area each year belong to the most diverse categories: those searching for nature and adventure, who find paradise here, to artistic tourism, the discovery of history and culture with its roots in a fascinating, far off past. There is also the gastronomic tourist, in search of the renowned cuisine and characteristic recipes.

Then there are those who just want to find a place to switch off from hectic, everyday life, and immerse themselves in a place of peace and unspoilt nature. Garfagnana isn’t known as the green heart of Tuscany for nothing.
But there is more too. With Lucca, Pisa, Florence and other wonderful Tuscan cities nearby, tourism in Garfagnana is a unique destination. In just over an hour’s drive, we find the Versilia coast, with its beach establishments, frenetic night life, shopping, or the wild peaks of the Apuan Alps and the Apennines. We can also find all the artistic glory of historical cities, the museums of Florence, the Tower of Pisa, the artistic jewel that is Lucca, with its perfectly preserved walls and charming old town.

Garfagnana’s many traditions handed down through the generations are also a tourist attraction. The historical re enactments, the summer festivals that fill the evening air with music and the traditions that are handed down in the kitchen, are all proof of this. The chestnut is the undisputed king of the kitchen in this area.
It has been a staple in local diet for centuries. The chestnut woods were (and still are) a great wealth for those who owned them and were cared for meticulously to ensure the production of chestnuts. Chestnuts were used to feed the family, and also traded in exchange for other food and products. The leftovers from harvesting and processing were perfect for feeding the animals. Chestnuts can produce an excellent type of flour, used to cook “polenta di neccio”, “necci” and “castagnaccio”. Chestnuts were even used to make good beer.

Another local product still much liked by tourists is spelt. The renowned Garfagnana spelt can be used in several recipes, including hots soups or cool summer dishes.

During your stay at Casa Vacanze la Pozza, we can suggest some entertainment suited to your needs and help you discover the best and most exciting things that Garfagnana has to offer.

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