Garfagnana Trekking

The particular configuration of the Garfagnana area makes it ideal for trekking, excursions and walks in the woods and around the uncontaminated land of the valleys. Standing between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines, this area offers some breathtaking paths. The views from the mountain paths fill your eyes from the coast to the highest peaks.

It is possible to make the most of a large network of paths that follow the old mule tracks that were used in the past by shepherds taking their flocks to pasture, by hunters and mushroom collectors. Most of the paths are easy to use and are marked by the CAI Keen walkers and operators take great care of the land, making trekking in Garfagnana suitable for the whole family. There are paths of varying difficulty, length and duration to enjoy.
There are paths that explore the hills, or those that lead you to discover the ancient fortified villages, such as Castiglione di Garfagnana or San Romano. There are also paths high up, on the peaks of the highest of the Apuan Alps: Pania della Croce, Pania Secca and the Pisanino (1946 metres, the highest of the Apuan Alps), to name but a few.

You can go trekking in Garfagnana on foot, on your bicycle (mountain bike) or even on horseback, contacting one of the many horse-riding centres in the area who provide this services specifically for customers to learn more about this region on horseback, even for beginners, but also for the more expert riders. It is also possible to head off on an excursion lasting several days, staying in tents or holiday farmhouses.

For trekking and open air enthusiasts, it is also possible to try out canoeing, rock climbing and paragliding. There are also some adventure parks for young children. All these activities can be adapted to the whole family, choosing the various levels of difficulty and alternative entertainment for anyone preferring to relax rather than go out on adventurous trekking trips.

If you choose to stay at Casa Vacanza La Pozza, we can put you in contact with several recreational associations and clubs that organise trekking trips in Garfagnana, so that you can make the most of your holiday, combining a relaxing stay with the unique type of entertainment that only Garfagnana can offer.

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