Paths in Garfagnana: backpack and go

Paths in Garfagnana

Backpack and hiking shoes. This is the best way to face the paths in Garfagnana, and live an adventurous and fun holiday. Its position, protected between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines, offers breathtaking landscapes, ranging from the hill to the high mountains.

You can easily reach several paths and trails ideal for lovers of hiking and walking, starting from Casa Vacanza La Pozza. The location is strategic and it is located right near some of the most beautiful paths of the whole Garfagnana. Let’s see them together.

Paths in Garfagnana from Casa Vacanza La Pozza

Garfagnana is truly a versatile land. Enthusiasts can find various paths, from easy routes to challenges reserved for the more experienced, including railways and climbing at high altitudes. We consider here some possibilities suitable for the whole family. You can also contact the Garfagnana CAI (Italian Alpine Club), to know more detailed information and to better organize your experience.

Path of Pania della Croce

The summit of Pania della Croce is one of the most suggestive destinations here. This mountain represents the “belly” of the Omo Morto (“Dead Man“), a young shepherd who would be transformed for love, according to the legend, into a giant of stone.

From Molazzana you can easily reach the path that leads to the refuge Rossi, with an easy path lasting about an hour and a half. The refuge is located at 1609 meters above sea level. From here, you can reach the summit of Pania in less than an hour: you will find an unforgettable view, which reaches the sea and dominates the whole valley.

The path of Monte Forato

This route starts from the village of Fornovolasco, a few kilometers from Casa Vacanza La Pozza. Monte Forato is a truly enchanting destination. It is a rock arch that hides a peculiarity. From here you can admire the double sunset of the sun. In practice, the sun sets the first time when it goes down behind the stone arch, then reappears in the hole of the mountain and set a second time beyond this.

The path in Garfagnana to reach Monte Forato is of medium difficulty. You can choose between a linear path, about an hour and a half, from Fornovolasco to Monte Forato, or for the loop path, of over 3 hours.

The rock face of Monte Forato acts as a support for a huge swing suspended in the void. The most intrepid will be able to experience the thrill of this unique experience.

The Path of the mountain pasture on Monte Puntato

The start of the path that leads to the enchanting mountain pasture of Puntato is on the road from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana to the village of Arni. The mountain pasture is about 1000 meters above sea level.

It’s now uninhabited, but there are still the remains of ancient stone houses and even a church. Continuing on this fascinating path, you can reach the refuge Il Robbio.

Many points of interest are in this area also, such as Col Favilla, the cave called Tana dell’Omo Selvatico (“Cave of the Wild Man“) and Monte Freddone.

Garfagnana, and Casa Vacanze La Pozza, await you with incredible and unforgettable adventures.

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