Hikes in Garfagnana: the most beautiful itineraries

Hikes in Garfagnana

Organizing and participating in exciting excursions and hikes in Garfagnana will be like taking a trip through time between traditions, history, culture and breathtaking landscapes. The variety of different types of territory allows you to choose the right trekking based on your experience, fitness and the presence or not of children. There are paths suitable for the whole family, which wind between the hills and the low mountains, to get to the most difficult paths at high altitude, with iron roads accessible only to those who have a good level of training.

Fun is guaranteed in all cases. There is no need for special equipment (except for those who want to try their hand at climbing): backpacking, good hiking boots, a water bottle and the desire to walk and be conquered by the beauty of Garfagnana.

Hiking in Garfagnana: on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike

We talked about the best paths in Garfagnana, easy to go for those staying at Casa Vacanza la Pozza. The most comfortable method is walking through them with the help of the unmissable mountain sticks. This is perfect to enjoy the sparkling air of the Garfagnana mountains, and for an experience of pure relaxation and fun.

You can organize excursions in Garfagnana alone or in small groups. In general, however, it is always advisable not to venture alone along the paths or in the woods. The unexpected is always around the corner, also if you are a connoisseur of the area and the mountains. Having help or a person you can count on can be really important in case you have an accident.

Horseback hikes in Garfagnana

Experience Garfagnana on horseback is like diving into a fairy tale. You can breathe the most unspoilt nature and immerse yourself in a world of peace and relaxation. There are many equestrian centers in Garfagnana, in which you can take part in riding, even for those who are not experienced.

Mountain biking is definitely an exciting alternative: choose from the different paths and conquer the highest peaks of the area. During the year even competitions and competitions are organized, which see the arrival of athletes from all over Tuscany and beyond.

Holiday Home la Pozza and the most beautiful excursions

Casa Vacanza la Pozza can be the ideal starting point for your hikes in Garfagnana. The holiday house is easily accessible and connected to the main paths, such as the one that reaches the refuge Rossi and, continuing the climb, the Pania della Croce. For this reason, who is looking for sustainable tourism, traditional, in contact with nature and fun, increasingly appreciate it.

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